Friday, October 28, 2016

DIY Couple's Costume – Bob and Linda Belcher

Like pretty much every other family in America, we love celebrating Halloween. We’re not the family that basically turns their house into the entire Halloween section at Target (although we lived across from them in Georgia), and my husband and I don’t go out drinking all night while trying to make sure our nipple pasties don't sweat off. Instead we put up fake spider webs and a few dollar store decorations, then have mixed feelings about a much-needed thunderstorm in Tucson. (Come on nature, we just put up those spider webs.) We also happen to rock the DIY couple’s costume scene.

You know, the scene that shows up at the elementary school’s fall festival in full costume.

Last year I rocked it solo in my Pikachu onesie while my husband sported a lively ensemble of camo and then some more camo on his deployment. I wanted to make sure we both got to enjoy fun Halloween costumes this year, but you know how financial disasters tend to strike all at once? And then keep striking? Our budget was looking pretty grim as we headed into October.

There wasn’t a lot of wiggle room, but we budgeted $30 and picked one of the best character couples to dress up as: Bob and Linda Belcher.

Not familiar with Bob’sBurgers? Then jump onto Netflix right now and start catching up. Bob and Linda are the owners of Bob’s Burgers, a fictional burger restaurant that they run with the help of their 3 kids.

Ironically, neither of our own two kids were willing to help us out by doing a family costume, and refused to dress up as any of the Belcher kids.

Making the Costumes


First we compiled what we already had. I decided to wear my navy-blue sweatpants, my husband pulled out his jeans and a white undershirt, and we both just wore the shoes we already own. Remember, we’re not trying to win any costume contests here!

Next, we hit up Amazon. Because everything wonderful that can be delivered for free within two days lives on Amazon. Ultimately we found a Linda-style apron for a little over $8.50, an apron with a pen-pocket like Bob’s for around $5, and a long-sleeve red shirt for just under $13. We spent a little more on the shirt because it’s something I can wear in the future. You know, when we get our two days of winter in the desert.

The grand total? $26.53, squeaking in under budget!

Going all out for costumes can be a lot of fun, and there are even times and places when doing so is expected, but Halloween is just about having fun. Perfect costumes? Fuck that, I want to put gas in my van and have some money leftover to snag a bottle of wine. A DIY couple's costume can be great without costing half of a paycheck.

Do you still dress up for Halloween? And what's your favorite costume you've ever worn? Drop a comment and let me know!


  1. I don't know the series here in the UK but you both look great. The UK seems to be charging extortionate amounts of money in the supermarkets for kids' costumes and sweets wrapped in halloween paper for extra price.

    1. Thank you! And the prices here for kids costumes are pretty pricey, too. Halloween candy is usually the same price as candy year round, but they do add holiday-themed wrappers. We usually don't spend too much on treats (doing non-food treats this year anyway), because first we take the kids trick or treating for about an hour then come back home to start handing treats out.

  2. I'm not much for costumes. I don't like people looking at me so why would I draw attention to myself. Hubby and I have done couples costumes a few times and we've thought of some great family ones but I never follow through. I'm too boring.

    1. I can understand that, everyone's comfort levels are different. We don't always do a couple's costume, but since we missed spending Halloween together last year we wanted to do something together this time.

  3. What a great idea for couples costumes. Have fun.

    1. Thanks! Can't wait to take the littles trick-or-treating then hand out the goodies. This is probably the most comfortable costume I've ever worn.