Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Puffy Tale

My family commonly refers to April 2012 as The Month from Hell. Fevers and puke buckets abounded for three sicklings all month long, and I swear it took us two months just to get back into the swing of things. And then we had a newborn, and things have never been the same since. If he could talk, he would attest to this.

But I'm now officially dubbing January 17 through January 24, 2014 as The Week from Hell.

Guys, seriously.

Friday morning we dropped the kiddos off at a friends house, I got a lovely IV stuck in my arm that put me right to sleep (parents of small children can join in my joy for this), and had three impacted wisdom teeth surgically removed.

So let's backtrack a moment. I thought I'd go in Friday morning, have them out, and be off pain meds and munching on apples by Monday morning. I even checked out a new library book because I thought I'd simply be lounging around, sucking down smoothies, and reading. Is it obvious that I've never had to have any sort of dental work before?

Apparently, I'd make a fantastic squirrel.
Tuesday my husband was back at work and I corralled the kids into the living room with My Little Pony and cups of juice as a bribe, wrapped my ice pack around my head, and fought to stay awake after taking my pain pills. Oh, it gets better.

The husband is at work, I can barely open my mouth to tell the little one to get away from the TV, and then the vomiting starts. The vomiting. After complaining all day that her tummy hurt, the next morning the big one crawled into bed and, well, my sheets are freshly washed. So is my couch. And the bathroom sink, counter, and floor. It was like the PG version of the exorcist with some swollen woman muttering curses under her breath while the little one contemplates whether or not what's on the floor is edible.

I'm gulping down coffee and playing catch up now. Catch up on work for both my jobs, catch up on house work (you don't even want to know), catch up on my blog (and yours!), and catch up on editing. It's back to the grind of all of the things that I love most. Except for housework, which I think we can all agree on, can suck it.

The original plan was to complete edits and revisions on This is Now by February 1st. Life thinks I'm hilarious, and plopped down a few road blocks in my way, so I'm re-adjusting that goal to the end of February.


  1. I can sympathise and I only had two wisdom out at once, my kids were small then as well. I hope everyone feels better soon.

  2. Oh, no. I hope you all feel better soon. (((HUGS)))

  3. Oh noooo. This is terrible! Glad to hear you're getting better. It's only a set back. Time to kick some butt (when fully recovered)!

  4. Oh my word that does sound horrid!

    Good luck with catching up.

  5. That sounds horrendous. It's not as if you have a teenager who can clear up after you (yes they can be trained to do that, I have three). Let's hope this is the worst it ever gets. Get well soon.

  6. Thanks all! Luckily all is much better around here.